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     Charges of Widespread Corruption Among FIFA Officials Results in Numerous Arrests

    With leaders of FIFA, soccer’s governing body, at a meeting in Zurich, Swiss law enforcement officials arrived and arrested numerous key FIFA officials. The charges stem from a F.B.I and U.S. Department of Justice investigation that […]

     UNC Receives Notice of Allegations From NCAA

    Last Friday the University of North Carolina received a notice of allegations from the NCAA regarding the Chapel Hill school’s fraudulent African Studies classes. The NCAA’s investigation focused on how the fraudulent classes benefited athletes […]

     Goodell Still Plans to Hear Brady Appeal

    It appears that the word recuse is not in NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s dictionary. According to the Associated Press NFL lawyers have recommended that the commissioner not recuse himself from Tom Brady’s appeal. The NFLPA […]

     Appeal by Several Retired NFL Players in Rights of Publicity Settlement is Denied

    The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has rejected the appeal of several former NFL players who objected to the settlement in a rights of publicity case that was brought against the NFL. The lawsuit […]

     Golson Selects Florida State

    Former Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson has decided to attend Florida State for his final season of college football eligibility. Under NCAA graduate transfer rules Golson will be immediately eligible to play for the Seminoles. Golson, […]

     NFLPA Files Contempt of Court Motion Against Goodell and NFL

    The NFLPA has filed a contempt of court motion in federal court in Minneapolis against the NFL and commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFLPA says that the motion stems from the NFL’s lack of cooperation in […]

     Orioles and Nationals TV Revenue Dispute Update

    A decision in the revenue dispute between the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals will have to wait until New York Supreme Court Justice Lawrence Marks issues a written decision. Last summer Marks allowed a […]

     Everett Golson and Graduate Transfer Rules

    Former Notre Dame quarterback Everett Golson is currently deciding on what southern school he will play for this fall. Florida State, Florida, Georgia and LSU have all been mentioned as a possible landing spot. Golson will be […]

     NFLPA Officially Files Brady Appeal

    Just one day after bringing attorney Jeffrey Kessler on board to help handle Tom Brady’s appeal of a four game suspension the National Football League Players’ Association has formally appealed the NFL’s suspension of Brady. Under […]

     Jeffrey Kessler Comes on Board for Brady’s Appeal

    Tom Brady and the NFLPA will now have the benefit of having attorney Jeffrey Kessler on board when Brady appeals his four game suspension for the start of the 2015 season. Kessler has a long […]

     Former UNC Football Player Arrested for Violating Sports Agent Laws

    Former University of North Carolina football player Chris Hawkins has been arrested and charged with violating North Carolina agent registration laws. Hawkins who was kicked off theTar Heel football team in 2004 was in an […]

     Michigan Football Self-Reports Secondary Violations

    Jim Harbaugh and the Michigan football program self-reported four minor NCAA violations in the first few months of the Harbaugh regime at Ann Arbor. The violations are considered secondary and are quite common at most schools. […]

     Texas Supreme Court Says No to Mike Leach Lawsuit Appeal

    The Texas Supreme Court has denied former Texas Tech and current Washington State football coach Mike Leach’s appeal of a lawsuit over his firing at Texas Tech. In 2009 Leach lost his job at Texas Tech after it […]

     The Rapid Pace of 2015 NFL Draft Pick Signings

    The NFL draft concluded less than a week ago, yet many NFL teams have signed their entire draft class to contracts. This is a major change from years past when only a few players would […]

     Lance Armstrong Battles $10 Million Arbitration Ruling

    Lance Armstrong is asking the Supreme Court of Texas to overturn an arbitration ruling that ordered him to pay SCA Promotions $10 million. The battle between SCA Promotions and Armstrong goes back to 2004 when […]

     Pacquiao Sued by Two Fight Fans

    Boxer Manny Pacquiao, his manager and promoter were sued on Tuesday by two fans who are alleging that the boxer did not disclose that he had an injured right shoulder before his fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. The […]

     MLB and MLBPA Agree to Change Trade Rules for Drafted Players

    Last December the San Diego Padres traded Trea Turner, their 13th overall pick from the June 2014 draft, to the Washington Nationals as part of a three-team, 11-player deal. Despite the fact Turner had been traded he had to […]


     The SLT Interview with Paul Anderson – Part ...

    SLT presents the second part of the interview with Paul Anderson. To look at Paul’s great website go to nflconcussionlitigation.com     SLT - Do you have any ideas on a time-line or even the number of […]

     SLT interview – NFL concussion litigation wi ...

    SLT is plased to welcome Paul Anderson who will share his insights and knowledge of the ongoing NFL concussion litigation. Paul is a great example for law students looking to break into the Sports Law industry. […]

     Part 2 of the SLT interview with Daniel Gandert on ...

    November 15, 2011 SLT- What thoughts do you have on the NFL settlement, and what can we learn from it? DG- This negotiation was interesting in the way that the power shifted between the two sides, particularly […]

     Negotiation with Daniel Gandert of Northwestern Un ...

    November 14, 2011 SLT is pleased to welcome back Daniel Gandert of Northwestern Law School. Negotiation is an integral part of the practice of Sports Law and today we take a look at some of […]